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    Current Position: Huanchuang - Company
    Guangzhou huanchuang labor dispatch co., LTD
    Huanchuang group, founded on May 21, 2010, is a supplier focusing on human resource services and improving human resource operation performance. Headquartered in panyu district, guangzhou, the main business is talent outsourcing, recruitment process outsourcing, labor dispatching, personnel agency, payroll, social security, provident fund, etc.
    Company since its establishment in line with "sincerity, innovation, dare to challenge, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy, formed based on guangzhou, radiation of the pearl river delta region and the business sector across the country, has set up more than 30 branches across the country, a local administrator, is larger in China human resource industry, professional and strong, high customer satisfaction is one of the human resource service company. The company has always adhered to the enterprise mission of "providing talents to create value for customers, providing platforms for talents to show themselves, and creating standards to lead the development of the platform", which has won the trust and support of customers, and now serves more than 1,500 customers, winning customers' praise.
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    In "create happiness, realize win-win" core values, the company formed a strong cohesion of professional human resources service team, existing staff more than 600 people, sending employees nearly one hundred thousand people, is committed to building become the leader of hr service industry benchmarking, provides the excellent human resources omni-directional service for the general customers.
    In recent years, with the vigorous development of the business, the rapid expansion of company size, service system is increasingly mature, localization in order to better provide customers with high-quality service, huan gen information is in foshan, chengdu, hangzhou, dalian, xi 'an, guiyang, wuhu has opened many branches throughout the country, such as gradually built a large professional human resource service network.