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    Current Position: Products and services - proxy server
    proxy server
    Temporary workSocial SecuritySalary
    Huanchuang labor dispatch service is dedicated to providing customers with "high quality and efficient service". So far, we have successfully provided services for nearly a thousand state-owned enterprises, foreign enterprises and other well-known enterprises.
    Definition of labor dispatch
    Labor dispatch service refers to that huan chuang signs a dispatch agreement with the employing unit. According to the needs of the employing unit, huan chuang's employees are dispatched to the employing unit to provide on-site services.
    Characteristics of labor dispatch
    • Flexibility and flexibility to meet the needs of flexible labor
    • Unit of choose and employ persons and service personnel do not have labor relation, avoid labor dispute, transfer a risk
    • Employers have no recruitment costs
    • Personnel units can be exempted from all kinds of personnel and labor procedures, greatly reducing management costs
    • Choose and employ persons does not raise a person, solve system problem
    Applicable post of labor dispatch
    • Temporary post, business into the seasonal busy period of emergency post
    • Conduct an inspection of the employees through dispatch, and then transfer to full employees if appropriate
    • Auxiliary post, the position held by female employees in the "third phase"
    Social security agent (outsourcing) of social security is one of the labor and social security affairs proxy agent, refers to the personnel by the government department's talent service center, in accordance with relevant state regulations, hr policy, entrusted by units or individuals within the scope of its services, for the individual or unit pay endowment insurance, birth insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance and industrial injury insurance and other social insurance fee.
    Benefits of social security agents
    • Social security payment saves costs
      Through our company to purchase social security in guangzhou (shenzhen), no matter what kind of enterprise you are, on the premise of not affecting employee welfare, our company can purchase it in accordance with the lowest proportion of payment, so as to save costs for customers.
    • Indirect cost reduction and time saving
      Through the outsourcing of our company to buy employees' social security and housing fund, our company does not need to start corresponding departments and hire personnel to be responsible for employees' social security and housing fund, let alone purchase corresponding office facilities. Your company can concentrate on developing its core business, improving efficiency and creating more, bigger and better corporate
    • Direct cost reduction
      The choice of social security types, the use of our company's huge service network platform, customers can choose to buy different types of social security in guangzhou (shenzhen), according to the actual situation and cost to consider the choice of different types of social security and insurance base, so that in a legal and reasonable basis, greatly reduce the original labor cost budget.
    All kinds of domestic enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households, foreign or foreign institutions in guangdong and laborers who esta
    Resident representative offices or branches of foreign enterprises, overseas Chinese, enterprises from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao in guangdong and th
    Unemployed personnel, the laborer that seeks profession oneself and other on-the-job mobile personnel
    Mobile employment personnel (contract employees dispatched personnel)
    Government organs, social organizations, private non-enterprise units and laborers who establish labor relations with them
    Other units and individuals in conformity with the provisions of the policy
    Our Commitment
    • professional services
      Unsuccessful acceptance, full refund, 1 working day, successful recruitment information screenshot feedback
    • Five-star service system
      Ensure the confidentiality of customer information, rapid increase of staff, efficient payment, free reduction of staff
    • Free promotional activities
      Buy social security for 3 months at a time, can enjoy free agency social security activities
    • One-stop online service
      Online consultation, taobao, Tmall enterprise store order, social security official website to check the payment record to confirm receipt
    Taobao purchase process
    • Identify qr code
    • Online consultation/ordering
    • Enquiry of payment records
    • confirm receipt
    Wage agency is a financial intermediary business in which professional institutions provide labor remuneration, salary and other payments to employees of government institutions, enterprises and institutions. Huanchuang labor service provides a series of simple and convenient wage and salary distribution services. Effectively reduce the personnel affairs work, improve and reduce the total salary, optimize the financial statement, write down the enterprise income to reduce the enterprise tax cost.
    It is applicable to employee's salary, commission, commission, bonus, temporary labor cost, service fee, project payment attachment, agent reimbursement of all kinds of expenses, agent receipt and delivery of corporate income and so on
    Value of personnel services
    ◆ Improve the efficiency of enterprise operation: streamline the personnel management structure, simplify the personnel workflow, reduce the cost of enterprise operation.
    ◆ Reduce labor risks: strictly standardize personnel management procedures, standardize labor contract management facilities, prevent and reduce labor disputes, and substantially reduce related risks.
    ◆ Improve enterprise profit performance: labor dispatch reduces enterprise establishment, improves per capita profit, and helps enterprises to list.
    Personnel service advantages
    • Perfect IT system
      Ensure efficient, accurate and timely feedback of data during service
    • Good government relationship
      Improve efficiency, simplify procedures and improve employee satisfaction
    • Rich service experience
      Perfect service process, familiar with local policies, risk warning, quick response mechanism, to minimize the operational difficulties and risks of customers
    • Strong legal team
      Timely update policies to reduce legal risks and difficulties in handling labor disputes
    • Extensive service network
      Multiple city networks enjoy the convenience of signing contracts in one place and providing services in many places
    • Extensive customer resources
      Familiar with the characteristics of various industries, easy to provide targeted services
    Personnel service content
    • 1.Assist employees to complete the new social insurance or transfer
      2.The normal pay that undertakes social insurance
      3.To declare the annual social security base
      4.Employee injury insurance application, acceptance, identification and other procedures
    • 5.Employee injury, maternity, unemployment insurance application and review procedures
      6.Adjust the base of housing accumulation fund
      7.Employee housing fund account opening and payment procedures
      8.Assist in housing fund transfer procedures
    • 9.Assist employees to withdraw housing fund
      10.Provide relevant supporting documents according to the service provided
      11.Provide employees with social security related materials, such as medical insurance card, medical insurance manual
    Our Advantage
    • fully reinforced
      Strong capital, a contract, many services, good reputation in the industry
    • team of experts
      The team is professional, experienced, practical and reliable, is a good helper of enterprise financial management
    • first-rate service
      Telephone consultation, online understanding, face-to-face communication, multiple channels to provide quality services
    • social
      Financial experts, legal consultants, personnel experts layer upon layer check, one-stop service